Batch 77-81 Reunion

24th May 2014

Kudos to everyone…  we still have the energy and mostly the SPIRIT that embodied us all as a batch 81! Keep smiling and remain beautiful ladies!


‘Meeting old friends is like having a cup of coffee. It keeps you awake, boosts your energy, makes you happy and stress-free’. This, in a nutshell is an apt description of what happened on Saturday May 24th, 2014.

Named Glam(orous)@50, the girls of batch 77 – 81 had their reunion at The Regency Tanjung Tuan Beach Resort, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. 85 girls turned up,  coming from as far away as the United States,  Sabah, and all the states in Peninsular Malaysia,  and brought with them their unique individual styles to match the theme of Glam@50.

“Registration” started unofficially as soon as we stepped out of our cars while the official one was done at Api-api Restaurant at 2.00pm. Some of us had not seen each other for years, so there were name guessing, brain storming (as we tried to get our brains to match names and faces based on our memory of 33 years ago). After the initial screams of delight, interwoven with laughter and some happy tears, we finally reconnected and within seconds were engrossed in hilarious conversations.

The event kicked off at about 3.00pm with a welcoming speech and doa from the emcee who is none other than the talented Dzalina Abdul Manan or fondly known as Dz. It was a challenging task for Dz to get these energetic ladies to pay attention to the planned agenda. Chairlady of the organizing committee, Shamsul Bahriah or better known as Sham then thanked all attendees for making their time to attend the event and the committee members who strove to ensure success of the event.

The highlight of the day was the ‘Somewhere in Time’ video show, put together by the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of Glam@50; none other than Normala Ariffin a.k.a. El. It brought back memories of TKC Bukit Merbah with all the photos, songs and activities we did back then. The before and after “transformations” of our appearances in the 70s-80s to the present ones were amazingly done. Oohs and ahhs intermingled with laughter were heard throughout the show.

Hi-Tea was served with assorted food and delicacies of local and international cuisine. We took the time to catch up with each other, re-kindling long-time friendships. While having tea, there were also table games such as group performance of the “twist” from the 60s, charades, pantun session and singing the college song in English.  The participants were then rewarded with prizes which they get to choose from the overloaded gifts table.  Everyone was in sync with each other and it was like we transcended time and went back to being 17 again.

Photo taking session was the last agenda for the afternoon; albeit a bit chaotic but it went well in the end and the results displayed raw emotions of pure joy and sweet memories of a reunion of sisters and kindred spirits. The event came to a close with some leaving while others continue to catch up with each other at the apartments where we stayed for the night.

Night activities included solat jemaah (Maghtib and Isya’), and Yaasin recital and doa for the friends who had left us, all led by our dear Halimah Abdul Hamid or more fondly known as Limah.  These were then followed by a short tazkirah delivered by Azizah Abdul Aziz otherwise known as Jijut.

After dinner at the nearby stalls, a karaoke session was organised for those with sweet voices whilst some of us stayed away as we did not want to ruin the night by imitating the “frog calls for rain”. We were contented to quietly sing-along to familiar songs of our heydays, audible only to our own ears. Some ladies who still had lots of energy left also accompanied the singers as background dancers.  At midnight we returned to our apartments, where most continued chit chatting and laughting into the wee hours.

We departed the next morning of 25 May 2014, bringing back goodies and most precious memories of Glam@50.

Till we meet again, wishing everyone good health and prosperity, and may we all be in Allah’s blessings and remain in each other’s hearts forever.


Love you all,

Glam@50 Organizing Committee