OGA Visit TKC Day

1st May 2014



Ikutkan hati tahun ni malas nak buat my usual post-event commentary (makin tua makin malas ke??), tapi dah ada pulak yang tanya bila I nak come up with my report. Okay, so here goes, siaran tertunda of this year’s May Day (from my perspective lah).

As always, I left home very early. As early as 6.15 am. With just a short pit-stop, eh, I mean pee-stop at Ulu Bernam, I made it to TKC Enstek at 9 am. And no, I did not get lost, my GPS was very reliable. Just for the record (because some friends said they couldn’t find TKC Enstek on Waze), I used Papago. Didn’t even have to enter the coordinates, just enter Kolej Tunku Kurshiah and it’s there in the map.

Masuk aje the gate, the girls halakan I to the padang to park my car. Great, so obviously I didn’t look like I was from the MGC era. Sebab I tau, ada junior cerita, dia sampai aje, budak-budak tanya whether she was from MGC or OGA. If she was from MGC, boleh park dekat hall. Kalau tak kena park kat padang… 😀

First up, registration. Register and pay first. Lower rate for members of course. Then, for members, they could collect their membership card. Ida Borhan took some time looking for my card. I siap threaten her, kalau tak ada, I will be highlighting the matter at my FB page, my blog and the tkcoga yahoogroup. Nasib baik jumpa jua akhirnya…

So many booths were set up outside the hall this year. Ada yang jual jubah (I got sepasang free as birthday present, thank you Sham! Baju raya tahun ni dah siap! 😛 ), ada yang jual cookies, ada yang jual cendol, ada yang jual froggy stuff… macam-macam ada…

image004 image006  image008 image010 image012


Meanwhile, there was also a healthcare booth to get tested for all sorts of tests. I didn’t go for this initially, but was finally coaxed by Dr Taayah to test my body age, and so I did. And the test results showed that my body age was… 59! Yep, jangan betulkan screen anda. Lima puluh sembilan. Hmmm… can I use the test results to qualify for warga emas benefits next year?


Anyway, the seniors from MGC were brought to TKC in the college bus. They arrived about 9.30 am…


After breakfast for the MGC seniors, the VIPs for the day were then accompanied to the hall.

image018 image020

Function then officially started off with the singing of Negaraku, followed by the college song. Both songs dinyanyikan dengan penuh semangat. This was then followed by doa by the ustaz, welcome speech by Bonda Pengetua, speech by Kak Ah the OGA president, and then the signing of MOU between Touch & Go and TKC.


This was followed by the launching of the OGA membership card and handing over of the cards by Kak Ah to the MGC seniors.

image024 image026

Our kakaks from MGC then performed a song, led by Kak Fauzah. When Kak Fauzah announced that they were going to sing the song Shenandoah, the girls went “Oooohhh…” Of course some of the Ooohhs meant they’ve heard the song before. However, for some, sebut aje Oooohhh tapi tak pernah dengar pun lagu tu. (I termasuk category dah pernah dengar lagu tu… almaklum, my body kan dah 59). Kak Fauzah then went on to sing 2 more songs, the last one siap ada back-up dancers, jangan main! And it was during the last song that one mamat joined them on stage, sending the TKC girls screaming! Some of the old girls were wondering, why lah budak-budak menjerit, and who on earth was that guy? Whaddaya know… Rosyam Nor in da house! Of course, some of the old girls themselves went on to snap selfies with him after that lah kan, even those yang lambat pick-up who he was in the first place.

image028 image030

There were some other performances after that… from the TKC girls and mostly from the old girls, by Kak Azlin Hezri (of Bintang RTM 72 fame), quartet batch 83, fashion show batch 82. By this time I was in and out of the hall, so couldn’t really concentrate. Phone was ringing from time to time, although most of the time tak berapa nak dengar (sebab suara orang keliling jauh lebih riuh). Sempat jugalah gi bilik aircond tumpang sejuk gi jumpa Cik Mahiran and Kak Julia there.

Lunch was then served at the tents. So no, this year, we didn’t have to walk all the way to the dining hall. The MGC kakaks had their lunch at a special room, so they didn’t have to queue and turun tangga, but for the rest of us kena queue jugalah. The lunch itself? As always, tiba time macam ni, I usually tak berapa larat nak makan, it’s the cold drinks that I go for (tak kira la high sugar content ke tidak), so no comment from me there. However, many said that the rendang daging was really PEDAS!! Dengar aje pedas, I tak berani nak try, my tummy quite sensitive, nanti nak balik Ipoh sorang-sorang banyak kali kena menyinggah pulak.

After lunch, went back to my car to send some stuff (I did manage to collect some toys for my NGO kids), and disebabkan banyak barang nak angkut, Taayah accompanied me to my car atas dasar paksarela. We then walked from the field (where my car was parked) to the surau, causing some of the old girls asking us, “Kenapa jalan?” “Jauhlah!” “Panaslah!” Haiya, it wasn’t that far lah, my usual morning walks are much further than that. As for Taayah who tagged along with me, dia kan pakar physio, nasib dia lah kaaan… 😀

The last event planned for the day was the Hunger Games. By the time I sampai from the surau, they had already started. I think initially they planned for it to be an inter-house joined old girls-students event, however by then there weren’t enough old girls to participate, so only the present students took part. The judges were Kak Ah, Kak Yam and Chef Nik Michael Imran.

image034 image036 image038 image040 image042 image044

If I recall correctly (Ayush, please correct me if I’m wrong) green house won for decor and main masak-masak. Red house menang for cheerleading (ni yang orang kata “menang sorak” tu kot.)

I certainly had a great time. It was a fun day with sisters from various batches… even those yang dulu (in TKC) pernah kona ikut jalan lain bila nampak I beria datang tegur, siap peluk cium bagai.

The place may not be the same, but the spirit of sisterhood remains.

Congrats to the committee and thank you for all the hard work (been there, done that, I feel for you!).

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Love you all!

Pi Bani